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Membrane equipmen
  • Membrane equipmen
  • Membrane equipmen

Membrane equipmen

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The membrane filtration is the most effective technology of division of liquids.
The principles of a filtration consist that a part of components passes through a membrane forming permeat, and a part – does not pass, forming a concentrate.

Within a membrane of technology allocate three processes:

  • Microfiltration (MF) for division of particles from 0,1 to 10 microns in size (100 … 10000 nanometers). The weighed particles, bacteria and macromolecules linger on micromembranes.
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) for division of particles from 0,005 to 0,05 microns in size (5 … 50 nanometers). Salts, sugar, pass organic acids and low-molecular peptides through a membrane while proteins, fats and polysaccharides keep.
  • Nanofiltration (NF) for division of particles from 0,0005 to 0,005 microns in size (0,5 … 5 nanometers). The nanofiltration allows small ions to pass through a membrane, but holds larger of them, and also sugar, dyes, surfactant and minerals.
  • The inorganic membrane is the porous tonkokeramichesky filter created at high-temperature roasting of oxides of aluminum, titan and zirconium. The ceramic membrane usually has coaxial structure with an active porous basic layer. High degree of porosity provides mechanical stability, and the active layer provides division into a microfiltrationultrafiltration and a nanofiltration. The ceramic membrane always works in the mode of a tangential filtration at which the fulfilled stream moves through a membrane layer on one or several channels with high speed. Under the influence of the transmembrane pressure (TMR) pure liquid with micromolecules, proceeds through a membrane layer, forming permeat; firm particles and big molecules do not pass through a time, forming a concentrate. Thus, there is a clarification, clarification and concoction of the liquid given to a membrane.


    • excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and oxidizers;
    • resistance to dissolution;
    • temperature firmness is high;
    • excellent ability to division and very small distance between a time;
    • excellent resistance to mechanical damages and abrasive wear;
    • very long service life in comparison with polymeric membranes;
    • ease in cleaning and sanitary processing by washing with the return stream.

    Ceramic membranes allow by a physical method to divide mixes of components without use of additives.

    Membranes differ in high temperature stability thanks to what need for production process fall of temperature disappears. Application of such membrane is favorable both for the product, and for the environment. The closed control of the device and continuous operation give the chance to reduce operational costs. Thanks to a modular design these devices can be easily adapted and modified depending on a scope them our clients.

    ультрафильтрационная установка на керамических мембранахUltrafiltrational installation 250 of sq.m distillery processing bards of DDGS filtration of a fugat bards 
  • ультрафитрационная установка BTS 250м2
Country of manufacture:Belarus
Information is up-to-date: 22.12.2019
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