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PDM-P AA 29/25 400/3/50 0,25 Plunger Metering Pump
  • PDM-P AA 29/25 400/3/50 0,25 Plunger Metering Pump

PDM-P AA 29/25 400/3/50 0,25 Plunger Metering Pump

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Plunger pumps series P - series plunger metering pumps, one type of positive displacement pump, a displacement body in which a plunger reciprocating motion. The pump housing is made of cast aluminum, epoxy protected, anti-acid paint. Catalog: performance pumps is regulated by means of a micrometer knob, which runs the length of the plunger stroke. Capacity control can take place during the pump operation. The pump is driven vertically mounted engine. Transmission operates on the principle of idling (the piston takes place by means of the return spring). Plunger chemical metering pumps «P» series, the performance of pumps 14 to 1027 l / h, back pressure from 3 to 25 bar. Standard versions: - Configuration AA - pump head - n / st AISI 316L, O-ring - NBR, plunger - n / st AISI 316L application: pump hypochlorite pump schelechi, a pump for acid pump flocculant pump chemistry, hmichesky pump, for swimming pools, water treatment pump, the pump of food additives, adhesives pump, additives, enzymes pump, pump sulfate, the solvent pump. Pumps for calcium hydroxide Ca (OH) 2 (lime milk) acid, corrosive environment, corrosive liquid, a chemical solution, chemical liquid lime milk pump sulfuric acid pump hydrochloric acid pump nitric acid pump boric acid pump acetic acid pump citric acid. acidic solution pump, acidic liquid pump alkaline solution, alkaline liquid pump, aggressive solution. Transfer pump hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid. Obespechivaetsya pump types: - Solenoid metering pumps. - diaphragm dosing pump motor. - horizontal centrifugal chemical pumps. - pneumatic diaphragm pumps.
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