Pressure controller 1.1kw electric? 1
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Pressure Controller 1.1kW electric? 1 "the authors search for water
  • Pressure Controller 1.1kW electric? 1 "the authors search for water

Pressure Controller 1.1kW electric? 1 "the authors search for water

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? Electronic Pressure Controller 1.1kW 1 "Auto Search Aquatica water (779,557) Electronic pressure controllers are used for the automation of domestic water supply systems, automatically maintaining a constant pressure and the water pressure in the system Please pay attention -. Off the electric pump is not on the pressure value, and to stop the flow through the electronic controller, respectively flow through the water supply system will not stop as long as the entire length of the system is reached the same value of pressure! the pump ceases on all the time until the tap is still open At the termination of the draw (you close the water tap) off the electric controller only occurs in about 8 -. 10 seconds when the maximum pressure, produced by the pump in the "closed valve" and returns to the standby state. Features: - automatic control of switching on and off of the electric pump and therefore the water supply with constant pressure and flow during operation of the electric pump; - Protection of "dry run" - after the stop of water flow in the suction line (alarm leak over the water in the well, etc.) through the controller 8 - 10 seconds will produce a stop of the electric pump; - Automatic check for water in the suction line after the water supply is stopped and the electric automatic restart will occur - when the water will be in the suction line. Characteristics: - Gauge: included in the box; - Housing: technopolymer; - Voltage: 220-240V; - Frequency: 50 Hz; - Degree of protection: IP65; . - Cable length: 30 cm Use: - Automatically starts after turning off and turning on the power; - Maximum liquid temperature: 60 C;? - Maximum ambient temperature: 40 C;? - Permitted system pressure up to 10 bar; - only pure water without long impurities and abrasive (sand, clay, lime, etc.); - The pH of the water (pH): 6.5 - 8.5; - total mineralization of water: not more than 1500 g / m ?; - warranty period: 18 months. Buy AQUATICA pressure controller You can place your order in our online shop with a simple form, the delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine. If you have any questions, you can call the listed phone numbers or request a call back.
Information is up-to-date: 28.03.2020
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Unbelievable price on Pressure Controller 1.1kW electric? 1 "the authors search for water in Rovno (Ukraine) company BTS INZhINIRING.