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Technological audit distilleries
  • Technological audit distilleries

Technological audit distilleries

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Services in the technological audit distilleries. With the development of the report on technological audit, development of schemes of optimization technology.

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Emulcifying audit


Energy management - EM The complex of organizational and technical measures aimed at - reducing energy costs and compensation for environmental impact. It is a combination of cyclical activities with the management of production and implementation of energy saving measures.
Energy survey / energy audit - EA / EA

One of the stages of the cycle of EM process, which determines:

· Ways to reduce the potential energy consumption;

· Technical and economic indicators of energy saving measures;

· How to implement energy - saving measures;

· Gives the forecast consequences of the introduction of energy saving measures.

Energy - saving measures - ECM The event (organizational, technical, financial) implications of the implementation of which is to reduce energy costs at the achieved gross output is the product quality.

Energy rating company - ER

Conditional index, which is determined by characteristics of the consolidated companies, as a consumer of energy resources:

· Initial ER - characteristics of the enterprise prior to work with EA / EA;

· Estimated ER - characteristics of the enterprise, which can be achieved for the condition for the implementation of ESM in full, in a timely manner;

· Current ER - enterprise characteristics after complete or partial implementation of the ESM.

Energy Blueprint - EP Now adopted an action plan to improve the ER.
local staff Authorized personnel of the enterprise who takes part in the performance of the EA / EA.
Energy principle - approach - ESCO The principle of the implementation of ESM, followed by the savings derived from the sale of ESM, accumulated by the enterprise for reinvestment in the following ESM.


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